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We Assist You Choose the Right Path to Your Desired Destination

Keystone Immigration is a full service (regd.) Canada immigration firm that assists you to crossover to a country you always desired. Being specialist in the field we expedite your case (free of hassles) to settle you in a beautiful land.

We know each case is unique, assessed under the potential of a proposal. Whether or not it will succeed, it depends on how you present your cause. So, with detailed assistance and all criteria’s fulfilled we help you present your proposal in a manner that it never gets delayed or rejected..

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The natural resources, multicultural environment, wide range of activities, arts, music, dance, and sports,...

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Canada attracts foreign applicants to fill its job positions by means of work permit. For applicants desiring to

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Canada encourages foreign individuals to unite with their families living here. The Family Visa offers...

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Every year millions of people become Canadian permanent residents. Most do so by obtaining permanent...

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With its beauty and glory applauded by all, Canada is one of the most sought after destinations worldwide.

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Provincial Nominee Program

Canadian provinces are very popular due to several people visiting from other countries to work and live a much better life. Every province has abundant skilled workers to make its economy happy and prosperous. Embracing skills from all over the world, Canadian provinces nominates immigrants it’s under Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The program made in collaboration with the Government selects immigrants to respective regions. Learn More