Provincial Nominee Program

Canadian provinces are very popular due to several people visiting from other countries to work and live a much better life. Every province has abundant skilled workers to make its economy happy and prosperous. Embracing skills from all over the world, Canadian provinces nominates immigrants it’s under Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The program made in collaboration with the Government selects immigrants to respective regions.


Provinces of Canada




Newfoundland and Labrador


British Columbia

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island


Northwest Territories


New Brunswick


General Requirement

  • Skills, qualification, documents as per separate province demands.
  • Finance statement/proof.
  • Medical record checks.
  • Security/Police clearance certificate.



  • Apply for the provincial nomination process for the province you wish to settle.
  • You will receive a Provincial Nomination Certificate if the province/territory accepts your application.
  • Post receiving the Provincial Nomination Certificate you can send a Permanent Residency (PR) application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
  • The PR application will be assessed based on further Immigration requirements.

Each province accepts applicants who have the ability and skills to contribute to a province growth & prosperity, and get approval to enter a province via Canada Provincial Nominee Program (Canada PNP).