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Work Permit

Every year millions of foreign workers enter Canada to work for Canadian employers meeting their occupation demands. A work permit is needed mostly for temporary jobs.

The program instituted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) allows foreign workers to work for a specific period of time in Canada.

A work permit is not considered as an immigration document, and does not allow foreigners to live in Canada permanently. To settle in Canada on permanent basis, foreigners need to qualify under immigration category like skilled worker programs.

Also your spouse or common-law partner and dependent children can apply to come to Canada to study or do job under work permit.

Work permit is extendable based on job demands. To renew work permit applicants need to apply minimum 30 days before the current permit expires.

student visa

Open Work Permit

Under open work permit foreign workers can work for any employer in Canada except for employers who are ineligible as stated by the Govt. of Canada, and for employers where job description is to perform sexual or related work.

Employer-Specific Work Permit

Under employer-specific work permit, foreign workers work according to the following conditions mentioned on work permit.

  • Name of employer to work for.
  • Letter of acceptance/scholarships/receipts from school/college/university/other educational institutions in Canada.
  • Location of the work (if applicable).

Applicant Requirement

  • Job offer approved by Labour market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is required for occupations apart from jobs that don’t. LMIA confirms that a Canadian employer can fill their vacant job with a foreign worker.
  • Show intentions to leave Canada post the end of your temporary work visa.
  • Financial proof to support you and your accompanying family members.
  • Obey all laws of Canada.
  • Police clearance certificate with no criminal records/activities.
  • Medical check proof of having good health.
  • Will not serve under ineligible employers or employer where your job is to striptease, escort, erotic dance or any massage work.

Jobs Available Without Work Permit

  • Civil Aviation Management / Aviation Accident Inspectors
  • Convention Organizers / crew
  • Emergency Care people
  • Examiners / Invigilators / Evaluators
  • Foreign Government Dignitaries / Representatives / Officers / Judge
  • Family Members of Foreign Diplomats
  • Health Care Representatives
  • Referee / Athlete / Coaches, etc.
  • Military personnel
  • News /Press Reporters / Filmmaker / support crew
  • Performing Artists / support staff
  • Public Speakers
  • Priest / Clergy members