Quebec Skilled Worker Program

About Quebec

One of the best governed city’s of Canada having rich and vibrant culture with democratic freedom of speech and equal rights for both men and women, Quebec respects all differences and features that play an important role in enhancing its growth.

Talking about the economy of Quebec, it gives vast opportunities to immigrants and its residents via many productive industries based here. Aerospace, Information Technology, Finance sectors, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Tourism, Transportation, Agriculture, Hydro-Power, and Mining along with many more are considered top providers of the world that employ millions of people within the country and outside.

Immigration Program

Quebec Immigration selection system is designed for skilled/ professional applicants that will economically assist the region upon immigration.

At present occupations in high demand in Quebec include IT Professionals, Engineers, healthcare professionals, Account professionals, Teachers, Trades, Sales, Marketing & more.

There are 2 stages under QSWP. First, applicant applies to get “Certificate of Selection” (Certificat de sélection du Québec). After being selected by Quebec, selected applicant makes separate application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for Permanent Residence (PR).

To get Quebec Selection Certificate, applicants are judged on points under the Quebec Immigration selection system, where a single applicant must score minimum of 49 points. While applying with spouse or common-law/conjugal partner, then minimum of 57 points are required.

The new Expression of Interest (EOI) system replaces Quebec’s first-come, first-served applications, and promises to reduce processing times within a year.

Applicant Requirement

  • Education / Training
  • Experience
  • Job offer
  • Age between 18 to 35 years
  • Language proficiency (Eng and/or French)
  • Spouse qualification
  • Accompanying Children
  • Family connection in Quebec
  • Financial self-support
  • Medical examination, security and criminal record checks.

Proficiency in French Required or Not

As French is the widely spoken language in the province of Quebec, applicants get confused when it comes to filing their application under Quebec immigration. They think that they do not know the French language so are ineligible to apply. Now it is important to note that language of French is just one of the many skills required by Immigration authorities besides other factors of education, work experience and etc. If one gets pass points without consideration of the language factor points, then application can still be filed a successfully even without knowing French.

But when scenario demand is high then most likely it becomes a requirement that applicants must possess French and English language skills to attain scores. This implies an applicant must learn French and English language, after which he/she can apply under the Quebec skilled worker program. Lack of knowledge of French language during interview will mean clear refusal of an applicant, as simple as that.

Quebec is a great city to make your future home. And in the process if you learn another